Media Sexism & Pornography

There is a groundswell of opinion that 'old' and 'new' media alike are awash with both unconscious sexist reporting and outright misogynistic content.

We believe the abuse of women in our culture is directly related to the harm many women suffer. The Head of the CPS in London has said, for example, that the media portrayal of rape is hindering attempts to make women feel safer about reporting it to the police.

Our work to eliminate harmful media include:

Media Sexism & The Leveson Inquiry

With members Eaves, Equality Now & Object we gave evidence on media sexism at the Leveson Inquiry, and continue to press those who will determine the shape of the new press regime to ensure that there is a robust complaints mechanism that works for women.


EVAW supported our member Rape Crisis South London in their successful #banrapeporn campaign in 2012 to criminalise the possession of pornography depicting rape.


EVAW worked with members Imkaan and Object in 2013 on Rewind+Reframe, supporting young women to speak out against racism and sexism in music videos and calling on the music industry and regulators to take action.

Abuse of women and girls via social media

In 2013, EVAW and the Guardian hosted a roundtable of experts to discuss the abuse of women and girls via social media and how this abuse is being challenged. The Guardian recorded a podcast at the event which can be listened to here and our report of the roundtable can be read here.