Sexist of the Year 2014 is - Sun editor David Dismore

17 December 2014

National newspaper editor David Dinsmore has been awarded the prestigious annual Sexist of the Year 2014 award in a poll run by the End Violence Against Women Coalition.


The Sun editor will be sent a No More Page 3 t-shirt as a prize.


Mr Dinsmore is a worthy #Sexist2014 winner, having dug his heels in over the daily circulation of pornography in a freely available bottom shelf newspaper despite a powerful national campaign led by young women against Page 3.


Second runner up this year is Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 5, which provoked nominations mentioning its new content including the ability for players to murder a woman in prostitution.


Third runner-up Richard Dawkins has pontificated for what feels like most of the year on how bad rape isn’t, tweeting stranger rape myths and voicing the oxymoronic and offensive notion of “mild paedophilia”.


Honourable mentions go to breast-feeding supporter Nigel Farage and Yarls Wood detention centre where the UK holds women survivors of rape in prison conditions.


The poll saw supporters of the EVAW Coalition and members of the public encouraged to send their nominations by email and on the Twitter hashtag #sexist2014.


Previous winners were Robin Thicke in 2014 for his ‘rapey’ Blurred Lines and George Galloway in 2012 for his comments on sexual violence in relation to the Julian Assange case.


Sarah Green of the End Violence Against Women Coalition said:


“Our warmest congratulations to David Dinsmore for his valiant persistence in peddling pornography under the guise of ‘news’.


“Mr Dinsmore no doubt provoked more nominations than any other sexist this year for his additional daring in creating a cancer prevention campaign as a blatant cover for continued daily sexual objectification of women. Transparent!”


The EVAW Coalition has more than 60 members around the UK who are working to end sexual and domestic violence, forced marriage, FGM, trafficking, stalking and other forms of abuse. They include service providers, lawyers and academics who are on the frontline of tackling abuse and campaigning for government to take a more strategic approach to ending violence by aiming to prevent it in the first place.

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