12 December 2012



George Galloway MP has been voted ‘Sexist of the Year 2012’ in a poll run by the End Violence Against Women Coalition (1), and will be sent a copy of Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman as a prize.


The MP for Bradford West received more than a quarter of all votes cast, and around one and a times as many votes than his nearest runner up, the Prime Minister David Cameron. He received four times as many votes as the ‘bronze medal winner’, Julian Assange. Mr Galloway said, in a broadcast on YouTube in August, of having sex with a sleeping woman, “It might be really bad sexual etiquette but whatever else it is, it is not rape.”(2)


The poll, which was launched at the end of October and was open for a month, saw supporters of the EVAW Coalition and members of the public encouraged to send their nominations by email and on the twitter hashtag #sexist2012.


Voters nominated prominent institutions as well as individuals for their sexist attitudes and behaviour during 2012, including the BBC for its handling of the Savile crisis, The Sun for its ongoing Page 3 ‘feature’ and the Taleban for the attempted murder of schoolgirl campaigner Malala.


Other prominent UK politicians who were nominated included George Osborne, Jeremy Hunt and Ed Miliband (nominated by former MP Louise Mensch for his failure to censure sexist MP Austin Mitchell).


The EVAW Coalition has more than 60 members around the UK who are working to end sexual and domestic violence, forced marriage, FGM, trafficking, stalking and other forms of abuse. They include service providers, lawyers and academics who are on the frontline of tackling abuse and campaigning for government to take a more strategic approach to ending violence by aiming to prevent it in the first place.


Holly Dustin, Director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition said:

“In a year that has seen the distressing revelations of abuse by Jimmy Savile, damaging cuts to vital women’s support services and the ongoing diplomatic scandal over the fugitive Julian Assange, it is George Galloway’s ill-informed comments about rape that have provoked such anger, possibly because of his position as MP for Bradford West and ability to reach a large audience.


“There is huge concern that those in power have not yet caught up with our progressive laws on rape which say clearly that a sleeping person cannot give consent to sex. That such prejudicial attitudes pervade all parts of society is surely a sign that the Government needs to invest in a long term programme of work to tackle harmful attitudes and behaviours towards violence against women and girls. We look forward to working with them on this.”




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  1. 1.     The End Violence Against Women Coalition is the UK’s largest coalition of organisations working to eradicate violence against women and girls; members include Eaves, Fawcett Society, Forward, Imkaan, Jewish Women’s Aid, Newham Asian Women’s Project, Rape Crisis England and Wales, Standing Together, Women in Prison, WRC, The Women’s Institute, Amnesty International UK and the TUC.  The #Sexist2012 poll was opened at the end of October and closed on 10 December. Voters need not be members or even supporters of the EVAW Coalition, and were simply encouraged to send their nominations via our monthly bulletin or on twitter. 73 nominations were received; George Galloway was a runaway winner with 20 votes; runner up David Cameron got 13 votes and in third position was Julian Assange with 5.
  2. 2.     George Galloway’s comments on rape in relation to the Julian Assange case can be viewed here

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