Police and Crime Commissioners

Here's what Police and Crime Commissioner candidates have told us:

We wrote to all Police and Crime Commissioner candidates individually during their elections in Mat 2016. These are the replies we received concerning commitments to tackling abuse of women and girls:

Avon and Somerset

Sue Mountstevens (Independent) - RE-ELECTED


Kathryn Holloway (Conservative) - ELECTED

Linda Jack (Liberal Democrat)


Jason Ablewhite (Conservative) - ELECTED

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrat)


John Dwyer (Conservative)

Neil Lewis (Liberal Democrat)


Barry Coppinger (Labour) - RE-ELECTED


Mary Robinson (Independent)


Hardyal Dhindsa (Labour) - ELECTED

Devon and Cornwall

Alison Hernandez (Conservative) - ELECTED

Jonathan Smith (UKIP)

Bob Spencer (Independent)


Andrew Graham (Conservative)

Martyn Underhill (Independent) - RE-ELECTED


Ron Hogg (Labour) - RE-ELECTED


Kevin McNamara (Liberal Democrat)

Bob Spink (UKIP)


Barry Kirby (Labour)


Michael Lane (Conservative) - ELECTED

Steve Watts (Zero Tolerance Policing ex Chief)


David Lloyd (Conservative) - RE-ELECTED

Kerry Pollard (Labour)


Mike Whitehead (UKIP)


James Barker (UKIP)

Andy Pratt (Conservative)


Victoria Ayling (UKIP)

Lucinda Preston (Labour)


John Coyne (Green)


Lorne Green (Conservative) - ELECTED

Chris Jones (Labour)


Stewart Hay (Conservative)


Tony Bates (Independent)

Tony Harper (Conservative)

South Yorkshire

Alan Billings (Labour) - RE-ELECTED


Matthew Ellis (Conservative) - RE-ELECTED


Cath Pickles (Labour)

Simon Tobin (UKIP)


David Munro (Conservative) - ELECTED

Thames Valley

John Howson (Liberal Democrat)

Anthony Stansfeld (Conservative) - RE-ELECTED


Philip Seccombe (Conservative) - ELECTED

West Mercia

Barrie Sheldon (Independent)

Margaret Rowley (Liberal Democrat)

West Midlands

Pete Durnell (UKIP)

West Yorkshire

Peter Corkindale (UKIP)

Allan Doherty (Conservative)

Therese Hirst (English Democrats)


Brian Matthew (Liberal Democrat)


Are you a Police and Crime Commissioner candidate?

We are asking you to pledge to the following if elected as Police and Crime Commissioner. Email us admin@evaw.org.uk and tell us your position and we will add it to this page which we are sharing widely on Twitter and Facebook.

Will you prioritise violence against women and girls with an action plan?

Will you improve your police force's performance and accountanbility of crimes of abuse of women and girls?

Will you ensure women's support services are sustainable?

Will you be cautious in any look at 'restorative justice' in relation to crimes of abuse of women and girls?

Will you review and change the police response to prostitution so that women 'selling sex' are not targeted and ensure there are 'exiting' support services?

You can find a longer version of the questions here.

Do you want to contact your Police and Crime Commissioner candidates directly?

Police and Crime Commissioners are still fairly new but they actually have huge influence over the way the police and others respond to the different forms of violence against women and girls.

EVAW is asking candidates in the England and Wales Police and Crime Commissioner elections on 5 May 2016 to pledge to make action on ending violence against women and girls a top priority. Will you do the same?

There is lots of information about the elections, and Police and Crime Commissioner powers and the candidates on this east to use website.

Download our Briefing on how to locate and contact your candidates here. They are fairly easy to find and most of them have an email address or website you can send a quick email through.

Download a template letter/email to candidates here.

We will keep a list of Police and Crime Commissioner candidates who make commitments in this area on this page. Watch this space and share any responses you get with us!