Preventing Violence Against Women

Violence against women and girls has been described as 'perhaps the most pervasive violation of human rights across the globe', yet it is entirely preventable. We need action by schools, government, local authorities and the community to stop abuse before it begins.

  • One in three 16-18 year-old girls have experienced unwanted sexual touching at school in the UK. (Yougov, 2010)
  • Over 60,000 girls under the age of 15 are at high risk of FGM every year in England and Wales. (City University, 2014)
  • 1 in 2 boys & 1 in 3 girls think it is ok sometimes to hit a woman or force her to have sex (Zero Tolerance, 1998)
  • 1 in 3 teenage girls has experienced sexual violence from a partner (NSPCC, 2009)
  • In 2013 the Forced Marriage Unit gave advice in 1302 cases of possible Forced Marriage, with 82% involving female victims (Home Office & FCO, 2014)
  • 77% of young people do not feel they have enough information and support to deal with physical or sexual violence (AVA for the Home Office, 2010

Deeds or Words?

Our report, Deeds or Words?, finds that the Government is failing to keep its promise to take action to prevent violence against women and girls. Our experts gave the Government a score of 24/100 and called for a comprehensive programme of work to tackle abuse including ongoing public campaigns (similar to drink driving campaigns), work in schools with young people around sexual consent and healthy and respectful relationships, and support for women and children who experience abuse.

Schools Safe 4 Girls

We think that girls have the right to be safe growing up and learning. Our Schools Safe 4 Girls campaign calls for action by parents, students and the Government to ensure that girls are safe and supported in their schools, homes and communities. Use our campaign pack to talk to YOUR school.

A Different World is Possible!

Schools Safe 4 Girls builds on our report A Different World is Possible in which we worked with our expert members to set out action by schools, local authorities, public bodies and Westminster Government departments to prevent violence against women and girls.

The report's second half, Promising Practices sets out 15 innovative case studies of 'promising' prevention programmes including workshops with boys in schools, drama groups, enabling girls at risk of gang violence to access decision makers, and training 'bystanders' to intervene to challenge the attitudes of their peers. Watch our We Are Man video.

Tackling media sexism 

Working with Object, Eaves and Equality Now we gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry about the harmful and inaccurate way that violence against women is portrayed in the media. We also published a short report which exposed the day to day reality of this discriminatory and harmful reporting.

Whilst the Sport, Star and Sun portray sexist and sexualised images of women that are displayed at child's eye level in the newsagents, these image would be banned on TV or only shown after the watershed. We support our member Object's call for consistency in media regulation of these kinds of images.

Take Action!

Take action now to make Schools Safe 4 Girls and to tackle media sexism.

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