In this section you will find EVAW Coalition reports, bulletins and campaign materials, and useful resources produced by other organisations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.


Spotted: Obligations to Protect Women Students' Safety and Equality

A legal briefing commissioned by the EVAW Coalition which outlines UK university and further education college obligations to ensure women students

Women's Safety Manifesto - General Election 2015

EVAW consulted our members and developed this short 8pp manifesto for the General Election 2015 - asking the next Government to commit to protecting

EVAW Briefing on Pornography and VAWG

Short briefing paper on recent research and what is known about pornography and VAWG

Pornographic Performances: A Review of Research on Sexualisation and Racism in Music Videos

A review of available academic research on sexism-racism in music videos, looking at content, the portrayal of women including the specific portrayal

Briefing on 'Revenge Porn'

Legal briefing on so-called 'revenge porn' looking at existing law and gaps by Professors McGlynn and Rackley of Durham University

Sexualised Sexism: Popular Culture, Sexualisation, and Violence Against Women & Girls

A short briefing paper reviewing current academic debate on sexualisation and critiquing the mainstream tendency to problematise sexualisation

EVAW Coalition submission to Amnesty International UK consultation on prostitution policy, March 2014

EVAW's submission to AIUK's consultation on prostitution policy

New Technology: Same Old Problems, Dec 2013

EVAW report of a roundtable on social media and violence against women and girls.

EVAW submission to CMS Select Cttee inquiry into online safety, Sept 2013

EVAW submission to Culture, Media & Sport Parliamentary Select Cttee inquiry into online safety, September 2013

Survey of Thurrock secondary schools, July 2013

EVAW is surveying the policies and practices of secondary schools in four English boroughs in order to ascertain current school action on preventing

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