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We are seeing a litany of cases of abuse of women and girls in the headlines - from the ongoing Jimmy Savile revelations and the recent conviction of Stuart Hall, to the Oxford sexual exploitation case and the murders of Tia Sharp and April Jones.  Abuse is not inevitable, but we need our political leaders to be aspirational if we are to create a safe and equal world for women and girls.

Sign our Petition for Compulsory Sex & Relationships Education in all Schools


We need to start working early with young people to ensure they learn about equal and respectful relationships. Young people today receive a lot of conflicting and negative messages about sex and acceptable behaviour in intimate relationships. We need to guarantee they have the chance to discuss these things with trusted adults at school. Read more and sign our petition to Party Leaders.

Tell the Prime Minister to take urgent action!

We have worked with experts to assess the WestmDavid Cameroninster Government's action to deliver on its promise to prevent violence against women and girls before it begins (primary prevention). Our report, Deeds or Words?, found that, whilst there are some good initiatives, overall work is minimal, patchy and poorly resourced and the Government scored just 24/100. 

Tell the PM he must take urgent action to prevent abuse of women and girls. Download our template letter to the PM and let us know if he replies to you.

A comprehensive programme of work on prevention should include:


  • Ongoing public awareness campaigns (similar to drink driving campaigns) to change abusive attitudes and behaviours
  • Work in schools to ensure young people are taught about sexual consent and respectful relationships - an overwhelming 86% of the population want compulsory sex and relationships education in order to tackle abuse
  • Long term funding for specialist women's services to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence.


Sick of sexist ads? Complain!

Our sexualised culture provides a conducive context in which harassment and abuse of women flourishes.

The Advertising Standards Authority has recently banned sexist ads for Ryanair and Steel Panthers so complaining works! Click on the links below to go to relevant regulators/websites.

Advertising Standards Authority - the UK's advertising regulator across all media including marketing on websites.

Internet Watch Foundation - UK hotline for reporting child sex abuse online, criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK and non-photographic child sexual abuse images hosted in the UK.

Parentport Banner - website aimed at parents bringing together the ASA, BBC Trust, Ofcom and others to facilitate complaints about things considered unsuitable for children.

Press Complaints Commission - self-regulatory body for the newspaper and magazine enforcing the Editors Code of Practice.

Ofcom - statutory body regulating TV and radio enforcing the Broadcasting Code.

BBC - complaints page here.

Channel 4 - complaints page here.