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Violence against women and girls stops us being free and living the lives we choose.

Who we are

Radical & outspoken

We are activists, survivors, researchers, frontline support services and NGOs working to end violence against women and girls in all its forms.

Intersectional & inclusive

We take an intersectional feminist and anti-racist approach to ending violence against women and girls, because not all women’s experiences are the same.

Established in 2005

We work to transform the social and political systems that enable violence against women by campaigning, shaping policy and challenging the attitudes that normalise abuse.


Schools: It’s About Time things changed

We're facing a national crisis of sexual violence and harassment at school. The government and schools must take action now

FA and Premier League: which side are you on?

This year's seen football make the headlines for all the wrong reasons. It’s clear that our beautiful game has an ugly underside when it comes to violence against women. With arrests and charging of high profile football players for domestic and sexual abuse, as well as protests from fans at the signing of a known rapist, we're calling on the FA and Premier League to confront football's culture of gender-based violence.

End online abuse

We’re campaigning for the reforms of laws relating to online abuse and robust regulation of the tech platforms perpetrators use, so those responsible are held accountable.


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Review shows scale of police requests for rape survivors’ counselling notes

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