Report reveals state is failing victims of domestic violence murders

Report by EVAW member Standing Together shows systemic failings in response to domestic violence murders.


A report by EVAW member Standing Together has revealed systemic failings in response to domestic violence murders.

The Evening Standard reported, “There’s growing evidence that failures which let domestic violence morph into domestic homicide are systemic. The Government is set to publish a review of case investigations but London charity Standing Together has put together analysis that sets out where the system’s flaws lie.

Its research shows that it takes a village — or at least a well-functioning and well-funded state — to help prevent domestic violence deaths. GPs are alone in routinely engaging with both victims and perpetrators: they need to be able to spot warning signs. Police and social workers should give greater weight to the testimonies of friends and families; victims usually confide in them first. And everybody needs to move beyond the stereotype of the black-eye of domestic violence; abuse is complex and coercive control can escalate into murder too”.

The report details findings which fall into two categories: implementation gaps- such as failures or missed opportunities where best practice is understood but not implemented, and other areas such as mental health, adult child to family abuse, adult safeguarding practice and issues such as support for carers, where more work is required to establish better, safer and more appropriate ways of working.

See Standing Together’s report here.

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