Research: Public don’t understand sexual violence

Major YouGov survey for EVAW found people in Britain are unclear on what rape is and the law on sexual violence. The survey of around 4,000 people across Great Britain examines why rape is still so difficult to tackle at a time when reports to police are increasing massively.


Rape Justice Fail

Police and courts are not providing justice after sexual violence. Women's human rights to safety and justice are being denied.
EVAW and members are campaigning for a fair justice system and better support for survivors.


Domestic Violence Bill

The Government's proposed Domestic Violence Bill must ensure protection for ALL women at risk of ALL forms of abuse


Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Media Awards

EVAW’s Media Awards aim to recognise exemplary reporting on violence against women and girls in print, broadcast and online news, features, comment and documentaries – reporting which explains how and why abuse happens, is respectful of victims and survivors, and which has an impact on public debate.

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