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Three girls hugging with text: It's #AboutTime things changed. Girls deserve better.

Take ACTION to tackle sexism IN SCHOOL

Are you a young person who wants to see their school do better when it comes to sexual harassment and assault?

Are you parent or carer who is concerned about sexual violence in schools?

Are you a teacher who wants to take an active role in ending violence against women and girls?

Or do you simply want to see your local school do better for the next generation?

Take action:

Share our campaign film
Share our Call to Schools
  • Our Call to Schools was co-created with children and young people, and sets out ten demands to change schools’ culture, tackle the root causes of sexual harassment and assault, and create a safe learning environment for everyone.
  • Share the Call to Schools with a trusted teacher and your classmates
Send a letter demanding change to your school’s board of governors
Send a letter to your local commissioner demanding they fund work to tackle sexism in schools
Join our campaign by following us on socials

Download the Call to Schools poster

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