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Date Published
December 12, 2022

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our 2022 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards!

The awards, held annually in partnership with EVAW member Zero Tolerance, recognise and reward journalists, writers, and content creators across the UK who raise awareness and report responsibly, sensitively and accurately on violence against women and girls.

On Thursday 8 December 2022, during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, we hosted our awards event and announced the winners of each award.

We were delighted to hear from many of our expert judges about why this work is so important: campaigner and feminist writer Laura Bates, British journalist, writer and broadcaster at the BBC Samira Ahmed, Head of Standards and Regulation at IPSO Jane Debois, and Head of Regulation at IMPRESS, Lexie Kirkconnell-Kawana.

We are also grateful to hear from award-winning domestic abuse advocate and author, Luke Hart, who spoke about his experience as a survivor of fatal domestic abuse and perspective on the real life consequences of poor and irresponsible reporting on violence against women.

Luke’s firsthand experience of deeply harmful media reporting powerfully drove home why our expert steering group awarded this year’s Wooden Spoon to reporting that is sympathetic to the perpetrator and fails to name the crime committed.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted articles for consideration and our steering group for their support and shortlisting. And congratulations to all the 2022 winners!


Best Piece – News

Author: Marion Scott

Title: The scale of it is truly frightening, unthinkable: MSP urges action to curb risks facing disabled women at risk of domestic violence and abuse

Publication: The Sunday Post

Date: 27th March 2022

Best Piece – Features

Author: Dania Akkad

Title:After #WhereisNoof, Qatari women question how safe they really are

Publication: Middle East Eye

Date: 2nd February 2022

Best Piece – Opinion and Comment

Author: Anna Moore

Title: Frank Mullane: how the murder of his sister and nephew changed his life and purpose

Publication: The Guardian

Date: 27th October 2021

Best Piece – Blog and Self-Published

Author: Winnie M Li

Title: The Emotional Labour of Dealing with the Media

Publication: On Road Media

Date: 5th July 2022

Wooden Spoon

Reporting that is sympathetic to the perpetrator and fails to name the crime committed.

We’ve all seen countless examples:

  • Describing child sexual assault and abuse as ‘sex’
  • Describing perpetrators of violent offences as ‘admirers’ or ‘jilted lovers’
  • Reporting neighbours’ descriptions of violent perpetrators as ‘a nice chap’ or ‘family man’
  • Framing crimes as perpetrated by men ‘pushed to the edge’ or left with no choice but to commit violence against women due to her words, actions or beliefs

Reporting like this doesn’t just harm the individuals involved in the piece, but promotes and reinforces victim-blaming narratives and beliefs and actively shapes the attitudes and behaviours of society as a whole.



Judged by Jane Debois, Head of Standards & Regulation at Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)

: Pritti Mistry

TitleDomesic abuse protection orders “absolutely pointelss” say victims

Publication: BBC News

Date: 21st September 2022

: Billy Briggs

TitleWomen had suicidal thoughts after misogynistic abuse by Patriotic Alternative’s supporters

Publication: The Ferret

Date: 9th January 2022

: Harriet Clugston

TitlePolice more likely to bring charges for rape, sexual assault and domestic abuse cases when victim is white

Publication: National World

Date: 2nd November 2021

: Hannah Partos

TitleLife after FGM

Publication: Positive.News

Date: 2nd February 2022

: Marion Scott & Alice Hinds

TitleExperts’ action call: Improve the way we teach pupils about relationships and tighten control over internet porn

Publication: The Sunday Post

Date: 12th December 2021

: Alys Harte & Rachel Stonehouse

TitleReproductive coercion: ‘I wasn’t allowed to take my pill’

Publication: BBC News

Date: 14th March 2022


Judged by Lexie Kirkconnell-Kawana (she/her),Head of Regulation at IMPRESS

: Zainab Iqbal

TitleThe problem is men: Muslim women speak out against abuse in the US

Publication: Middle East Eye

Date: 28 July 2022

: Nadine White

TitleChild Q’s abuse reminds us that Black people are dehumanised every day

Publication: Independent

Date: 16th March 2022

: Sirin Kale

Title‘Honour killings? It should be called the devil’s work’: Bekhal Mahmod on the murder of her sister

Publication: The Guardian

Date: 22nd June 2022

: Louise Wilson

TitleShe was just walking home: was Sarah Everard’s murder a turning point in tackling violence against women?

Publication: Holyrood

Date: 16th March 2022

: Hannah Al-Olthmen and Megan Agnew

TitleThe army’s shameful secret

Publication: The Times

Date: 30th January 2022

: Stephen Stewart

TitleWomen in football: Our investigation reveals scale of sexist abuse facing those who love the game

Publication: Press and Journal

Date: 16th February 2022

Opinion and comment

Judged by Samira Ahmed is an award-winning journalist with 20 years’ experience in print and broadcast, and is a Visiting Professor of Journalism at Kingston University

: Sophie Gallagher

TitleWhy do we ask this one terrible question every time a woman is killed?

Publication: Independent

Date: 7th July 2022

: Anna Moore

Title‘My childhood was stolen. Why is my adulthood being taken, too?’ The rape survivors waiting 1,000 days for prosecution

Publication: The Guardian

Date: 3rd March 2022

: Dania Akkad

TitleAfter #WhereisNoof, Qatari women question how safe they really are

Publication: Middle East Eye

Date: 2nd February 2022

Blog and self-published

Judged by Laura Bates, feminist campaigner and author and founder of the award-winning Everyday Sexism Project

: Olivia Dickinson

TitleLike a girl: Gender stereotypes in education

Publication: Optimus Education

Date: 23rd November 2021

: Caitlin Stuart-Delavaine

TitleViolence against women isn’t inevitable, it’s unbearable

Publication: University of Glasgow

Date: 7th October 2021

: Elizabeth Dalgarno, Natalie Page, Mukesh Kapila

TitleThe malignant pseudo-science of ‘parental alienation’

Publication: Mukesh Kapila Blog

Date: 10th October 2021

: Lady Ragnell

TitleA Domestic Abuse, Victim vs. Survivor?

Publication: The Medium

Date: 16th February 2022

Media contacts

EVAW: Sinead Geoghegan, Communications Manager,, 07960 744 502

Zero Tolerance: Lynne Wham, Communications Officer,, 07826 558 090

Notes to editors 
  • The End Violence Against Women Coalition has long worked with the media to shape and improve reporting on violence against women and girls, holding annual awards recognising those that have had a positive impact on public narratives. Information about our previous awards can be found here: 
  • Zero Tolerance’s Write to End Violence Against Women Awards has been an annual event since 2013. Previous to 2022, our awards were only open to writers and journalists in Scotland.
  • The nominated pieces are shortlisted by our steering group of activists and representatives from women’s organisations and will be published in November 2022. Shortlisted articles are judged by a panel of industry experts and the winners are awarded at an online ceremony during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence (25th November – 10th December).
  • More information about the Awards can be found here: 
About the End Violence Against Women Coalition 

The End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW) is a leading UK-wide coalition of over 120 specialist women’s support services, researchers, activists, survivors and NGOs working to end violence against women and girls in all its forms.

About Zero Tolerance    

Zero Tolerance is a Scottish charity working to end men’s violence against women by tackling the root cause of this violence; gender inequality.   Zero Tolerance offers a range of resources for journalists including  free stock images to illustrate articles dealing with violence against women.




Date Published
December 12, 2022
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