Our goals

Our vision is of a society where women and girls can live their lives free from violence and the threat of violence.

We are a small policy and campaigns organisation whose purpose is:

  1. To lobby all levels of Government in the UK to improve their policy and practice in response to violence against women and girls. We want every level of Government to have a joined up and ‘strategic approach’ to dealing with this abuse – this means recognising every form of violence against women and girls, and aiming to prevent as well as respond after abuse occurs.
  2. To influence and shape wider public attitudes towards violence against women and girls, so that there is better understanding of its causes and consequences, and a better mandate for tackling it. This work includes influencing public attitudes, community leaders and the media representation of violence against women and girls. We argue that violence against women and girls is in no way inevitable, and that political will, backed by public support, could truly aim to eradicate it.

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With your support, we lobby and campaign for strategic approaches to ending violence against women and challenge the wider public attitudes that tolerate and condone violence against women.

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