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This year’s seen football make the headlines for all the wrong reasons. It’s clear that our beautiful game has an ugly underside when it comes to violence against women.

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With arrests and charging of high profile football players for domestic and sexual abuse, as well as protests from fans at the signing of a known rapist, it’s time for football to confront its culture of gender-based violence.

This issue is not solely about individual players, but the industry that supports them; the clubs they play for, the leagues they compete in and the academies that train them. Football players and the teams they play for have a unique position in shaping the attitudes of boys and men. Their behaviour both on and off the pitch is influential, and transforming the culture in football will have a seismic impact on wider society.

Now is the time for the FA and Premier League to show which side they are on when it comes to violence against women and girls. This means clubs committing to changing their culture, recognising that violence is rooted in inequality and driven by the need for power and control.

The End Violence Against Women Coalition has teamed up with The Three Hijabis and Level Up in an open letter to the CEOs of the Premier League and the Football Association, calling for them to take action on gender-based violence.

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