EVAW encourages people to write to their MPs to demand justice in rape cases

Tell your MP the failure to prosecute rape requires urgent attention with tips on how to do so

Recent Home Office figures revealed that only one in 65 rape cases reported to the police are now reaching court. EVAW believes there is a crisis in the criminal justice response to rape, and that the government is failing to properly fund specialist long-term counselling for survivors.  We have written to the Prime Minister asking for urgent action to be taken – see our letter here.
We are encouraging everyone to email / write to / visit or phone their MPs with their views and ask them to take urgent action to stop the “effective decriminalisation of rape”.

You can ask your MP to write to the Home and Justice Secretaries and say:

  •  it is unacceptable that only 1.5% of rapes that are reported to the police are charged and go to trial.
  • The government’s ‘Rape Review’ needs high level leadership and urgent prioritisation.
  • Survivors of rape deserve access to support throughout the criminal justice process and access to counselling and therapeutic support whenever they need it.
You can also ask your MP to challenge the senior Police and Prosecution leaders in your local area regarding their record on rape cases.
If you don’t know how to contact your MP, you can put your postcode into the box below.  Please don’t forget to include your name and full postal address in your email / letter (so they know you are their constituent). If you would like to share any response you receive with EVAW you contact us at [email protected]
You can find your MP here:

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