The "effective decriminalisation" of rape reflected in latest figures

Numbers show drop in prosecution of rape and a conviction rate of less than 2%

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The Rape Monitoring Group figures released today are truly shocking. We are seeing the lowest number of rape convictions in years at the same time as a huge increase in women reporting these offences  – evidence of just how broken the system is. A conviction rate of less than 2% of all rapes reported to the police is, in our opinion,  leading to the effectively decriminalising of rape. Let us remember that rape is still severely under reported – how can we expect that to change when the figures continue to show a total failure to deliver justice?
“This is a crisis and it needs the highest level of political attention. We urge the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary and the Justice Secretary to get fully involved in the ongoing Rape Review, from which very little has been heard. We urge them to demand answers as to what is going on. They should also make clear, public reassurances to women, and men, who are considering reporting rape, that meaningful work will be done to improve access to justice.”
If you want to write to your MP to express just how vital it is that this is made a political priority we have advice here.

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