The End Violence Against Women Coalition is independent of government and uses a strong feminist voice to campaign for change. Our campaigns include:

London Mayoral elections May 2016

In July 2015, EVAW wrote to those standing to be their party's candidate for London Mayor in May 2016 to ask them what they would do to end violence against women and girls in the capital. Read their replies here.

General Election 2015

What did the parties pledge to do to end violence against women and girls? Read our asks and their replies in the run up to May 2015 here.

Schools Safe 4 Girls

One in three girls say they experience 'groping' or unwanted sexual touching at school in the UK. Teachers are on the frontline working with girls who are experiencing or who are at risk of abuse in many forms. Our campaign is asking for a Whole School Approach to prevent abuse, including compulsory sex and relationships education in all schools, teacher training and better school policies to address the issues. Read more and take action here

Protecting women's services

Despite increasing demand for specialist violence against women support services, there remains patchy provision of the services that are essential for helping women flee violence and rebuild their lives. EVAW's new briefing on the rights of women and girls to access specialist support when they have suffered or are at risk of abuse provides recommendations for the Westminster and devolved Governments across the UK to make these rights a reality.

Women Students: Safe and Equal

We have published a briefing on universities' and colleges' obligations to protect women students, and we are lobbying these institutuons to improve their policy and practice. More here.

Media Sexism & Pornography

We work to challenge harmful sexist and misogynistic media in many forms, including giving evidence on media sexism and harmful reporting at the Leveson Inquiry, supporting member organisation Rape Crisis South London's successful campaign to ban 'rape' pornography, and through our joint Rewind+Reframe project calling out racism and sexism in music videos. More here.