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As an organisation working to end VAWG, it is vital that we recognise the impact of the intersecting inequalities which leave Black and minoritised women more likely to experience violence and less able to access support, attention and justice. Without deep reflection and proactive anti-racist work, charities and services risk perpetuating harm to the very people we claim to support and advocate for.

Unequal power dynamics in the VAWG sector often leave Black and minoritised organisations co-opted, governed, or expected to assimilate with large, well-funded, white-led partner organisations – while meeting huge demand for their specialist ‘by and for’ services and facing chronic underfunding.

The Anti-Racism Working Group was set up last year to address racism within the structures, practices and behaviours of those supporting victims and survivors of male violence. The group’s Anti-Racism Charter supports those who sign up to challenge and address racism within their organisation. The Charter calls for equality in representation and a true commitment to the principle ‘nothing about us, without us’.

Over the next year, the Anti-Racism Working Group will be running a number of workshops for those working in the ending VAWG sector. Find out more when you sign up to the Charter.


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