Online Harms & Image Based Sexual Abuse

These are forms of abuse which are becoming more recognised and understood - we are campaigning for law reforms and robust regulation

Image-based sexual abuse is a pervasive and pernicious form of sexual abuse. We use the term ‘image-based sexual abuse’ to refer to a broad range of abusive behaviours including the taking and/or distribution of nude or sexual images without consent, including threats to do so, which includes so-called ‘revenge porn’, ‘upskirting’, fakeporn, sexual extortion and videos of sexual assaults and rapes.

The EVAW Coalition believes that new law and policy being considered by the Government in relation to Online Harms, in close ‘negotiation’ with the big tech giants, is a critical area where abuse of women and girls is very real, is increasing and needs specific naming and commitments. Any proposals in this area need to focus on changing the behaviour and attitudes of those who perpetrate online harms and the systems that enable them, rather than telling individuals how to ‘stay safe’ online.

We have attached our final response to the Online Harms Consultation here.

We also spoke at the launch of “Shattering Lives and Myths” A report on Image Based Sexual Abuse by Professor Clare McGlynn, Professor Erika Rackley and Assistant Professor Kelly Johnson which draws from interviews with 25 victim-survivors of image based sexual abuse and over 25 stakeholders and sets out a series of recommendations.

On the 25th June 2018 the Ministry of Justice announced that the Law Commission will be reviewing the laws around non-consensual taking, making and sharing of sexual images to be reviewed.

On the 16th October 2018 the government announced that they would be dropping age verification for porn sites, and that it would be dealt with by the Online Harms regulation.

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Image Based Sexual Abuse and Online Harms

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