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Date Published
March 12, 2017

Responses from candidates:

Sion Simon, Labour’s candidate for Mayor of the West Midlands region replied to us (Sion Simon, Lab, West Midlands) and highlighted his manifesto for women which includes a pledge to work with local sexual and domestic violence services.

27 April – EVAW has written to candidates for the new ‘Metro Mayor’ positions which are being elected on 4 May.

We asked them to make a clear pledge to tackle violence against women and girls in all its forms.

The new ‘Metro Mayors’ elected in Manchester, Liverpool, Camridgeshire and Peterborough, Tees Valley, the West of England and the West Midlands will have powers to fund support services, ensure frontline workers are trained in detecting and responding to abuse, and taking a public stand on abuse of women and girls.

EVAW has pointed out the high rates of reported crimes against women and girls in these areas and is asking candidates for election to:


  1. Draw up a dedicated strategy for tackling violence against women and girls in all its forms
  2. Protect local, specialist women-led support services
  3. Use your influence to bring the health service on board as frequent first line responders to women who are experiencing violence
  4. Ensure safe housing for women at risk
  5. Prioritise safe public transport for all
  6. Demonstrate visible political leadership on ending violence against women and girls – helping to move the question from “what did she do to provoke that?” to “why did he feel entitled to do that?”

EVAW members and supporters have also been writing to candidates in all the Metro Mayor elections and for the other local elections taking place on 4 May – including county council candidates, who have enormous spending and policy power in this area.

It is not too late to use our Activist Guide to help you locate and email or tweet to your candidates.

Date Published
March 12, 2017
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