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Date Published
June 28, 2022

In February, we wrote an open letter to the Premier League demanding they take action on gender-based violence in football.

It appears they’ve taken it seriously. Today we attended a “Listening Day” at the Premier League. The organisation invited Level Up, 3 Hijabis, EVAW Coalition and other experts to discuss the practical steps they can take to address gender-based violence in football.

As outlined in our open letter, we demanded implementation of the following: 

  • Mandatory gender-based violence training for all players, managers, coaches and owners at clubs and academies
  • Clear sexual misconduct policies and protocols with the power to impose appropriate consequences and disciplinary action on players
  • The introduction of a Tackling Gender-Based Violence Charter signed by all clubs
  • For Academies to introduce prevention programmes for young people that take a “Whole Club Approach”

The listening day was encouraging, but one day will not transform the deeply entrenched power, violence and impunity within football. We know this work will take time. 

We hope the Listening Day is the beginning of a deep, authentic and transformative process which culminates in the implementation of the above policies. 

This is also a valuable opportunity for The FA, who are still yet to engage with our coalition, to follow the Premier League’s lead and begin its own internal work to tackle gender-based violence in football. We know fans of football want to see a change, so it’s vital that both organisations use this chance to lead in transforming the harmful culture that, without conscious disruption, they will maintain. 

What better legacy for the 2022 Women’s Euros than a meaningful public commitment to ending gender-based violence from both the Premier League and The FA?

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Date Published
June 28, 2022
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