EVAW’s final response to the Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill Consultation

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a response.

Big Ben

The Government’s  consultation on its proposed Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill has now closed.

We would like to thank all of the women’s organisations who have contributed to the consultation. It’s been important for women that the government has received a strong response on questions including: the domestic violence definition; relationships education; women offenders; the ‘no recourse’ question concerning women with insecure immigration status (number 15); work with perpetrators; the Istanbul Convention (question 50); and the proposed new commissioner (question 59 & 60).

Our response includes a short Executive Summary in which we make some key points including our overall disappointment at the ‘narrow offer’ being made, and the lack of commitment to guaranteed protection and advocacy for women despite the drive to increase reports to police. We also called for the new Commissioner’s work to focus on these areas.

You can read our final submission here

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