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Date Published
June 28, 2024


Ahead of the general election, the End Violence Against Women Coalition and 70 other leading organisations published a joint manifesto calling on all political parties to adopt its recommendations for ending this abuse.

The manifesto sets out our priorities for the next government; calling for a comprehensive, whole-society approach to tackling VAWG. We framed this manifesto around ten key areas: 

  1. Rights and inequalities 
  2. Prevention 
  3. Funding and commissioning of specialist VAWG services, including ‘by and for’ provision 
  4. Economic barriers 
  5. Partnerships and multi-agency working 
  6. Health and adult social care 
  7. Housing 
  8. Family courts and children’s social care 
  9. Criminal justice reform 
  10. Perpetrators 

After a disappointing round of political debates in which VAWG was glaringly absent, EVAW wrote to political party leaders setting out our key priorities for ending VAWG. We now review: How do the political party manifestos of 2024 match up with our own?

Our polling found that 76% of people do not trust politicians generally to tackle violence against women and girls, and it is up to political party leaders to change this. 

We encourage you to review the manifesto pledges around VAWG and ask your parliamentary candidates three key questions:

  1. How is your party prioritising the prevention of VAWG?
  2. Will your party fund specialist VAWG support services, including ‘by and for’ services?
  3. How will your party uphold the human rights of all survivors, recognising inequalities for Black and minoritised, migrant, deaf and disabled and LGBT+ groups?

Download our full manifesto analysis here

Date Published
June 28, 2024
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