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Date Published
April 25, 2022

Local councils have enormous power to help end violence against women and girls. Here’s how you can help put violence against women and girls on candidates’ agendas!

On Thursday 5th May 2022, elections are taking place in all London borough councils, some English metropolitan boroughs and all local authorities in Wales and Scotland, along with the Northern Ireland Assembly elections. There are also elections for 7 local authority mayors.

Those who get elected have real local power – they can take a stand against sexual violence, they have a major say in funding decisions for support services, and they can tell schools they expect work to be done to challenge and change attitudes for the long-term.

In the run up to 5th May candidates are in listening mode – this is your chance to let them know that you expect to see action!

You can find out if you have an election in your area here.

If you do – use our handy elections guide to help locate candidates and their contact details and set out what you want to say to them.

You can contact them on social media, or you may see them at local events and they may even come knocking on your door – ask them to take this simple pledge:

“I will prioritise addressing violence against women and girls locally, with an emphasis on prevention and support. I will work to ensure there is help and support available locally for all victims and survivors who need it.”

Do keep a record of any promise they make and use it after the election to hold those who are elected to account.

Contact us if you have any questions about campaigning in these elections. Good luck! #VotesForWomen

Date Published
April 25, 2022
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