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Date Published
April 30, 2020

A Coalition of leading women’s organisations today (30 April) expressed concern at the latest CPS rape prosecution statistics which show little is changing to improve women’s likelihood of getting justice after rape.

End Violence Against Women Coalition Director Sarah Green says:

“We’re disappointed at stagnant charging figures, and note the number of cases coming to prosecutors from police is still far too low, with delays overall increasing.

“This recent quarter shows 524 Completed Rape Prosecutions – but this compares to 684 Completed Rape Prosecutions over the same period last year. (1)

“Similarly, these figures reveal 362 Rape Convictions in the quarter but this is a decrease when compared to 445 convictions this time last year. So while the numbers across the last 12 months may show some minimal shifts, it is clear there is still a long way to go. The most recent crime outcomes data published last week show the overall charging rate for rape as 1.5%. (2)

“Importantly these statistics represent the time before Covid-19, with the huge impacts it will have on investigations and charging volumes, and the massive backlog of cases already awaiting trial.”

Sarah Green continued:

“Every time these statistics appear we have to remember there are real women’s and men’s lives behind them. Ten of thousands of people who made a huge decision ever to approach the authorities and who are overwhelmingly now let down by our system. It’s just not good enough.

“It’s why the ongoing Government Rape Review matters more than ever (3). This Review – overseen by the Home Secretary and Justice Secretary – started last Spring and is looking in some detail at what happens from initial police report to courtroom verdict. It needs deep attention and investment from all those who want this situation to improve. Women’s groups will also soon publish our own ‘shadow recommendations’ on what should be done.”


Notes to Editors

(1) When compared with Q3 2018/19 available here:

(2) Police recorded crime outcomes in England and Wales for the year to December 2019: (Table 2.2)



Date Published
April 30, 2020
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