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Date Published
August 29, 2019
Update 18.10.2019:

The Home Office has now responded to our letter and provided details as to their spending on VAWG in this current spending period  – the Comprehensive Spending Review is now set to take place in 2020. A copy of the letter can be found here: Letter from Home Office to EVAW 18.10.19

Original Post 29.08.19:

In a letter sent today (29th August) to the Chancellor of the Exchequer the End Violence Against Women Coalition calls for the Public Spending Review to address the needs of survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.  We urge Sajid Javid MP to give due consideration to the ways in which the police, health, schools and welfare can and should work to prevent abuse as well as protect and support those who have experienced it as part of the public spending decisions. We also set out the injection of funding needed for support services so that they are able to support the high numbers of women and girls seeking access to help and support.

Sarah Green, Director of EVAW says:

“We need spending plans which sustain and recognise the specialism and expertise in our women’s support sector. These essential life-saving community services run by and for women, have the highest levels of self-referral, and a track record of providing quality services which women want and trust.

“The government’s VAWG Strategy is approaching its 10th year and much has been achieved. If we ensure that public spending matches the aims of this strategy, we will make enormous progress in reducing, preventing and ending VAWG so that women in all our communities can live the lives they choose not limited by threat and reality of abuse.

Read our full letter here: EVAW Letter to Chancellor re Spending Review, 29 August 2019

For further information see the Women’s Budget Group Policy Briefing ‘Women and the Spending Review‘.

Date Published
August 29, 2019
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