BBC investigation reveals huge increase in reported sexual harassment and assaults

Increased reporting is likely related to police activity to encourage reporting - not increased attacks

Responding to the BBC 5 Live investigation into sexual harassment and sexual assaults on the rail network today – which shows that recorded sexual offences on trains have more than doubled – End Violence Against Women Co-Director Rachel Krys said:


“In terms of the numbers, this is likely to be the result of the efforts the British Transport Police and others have made to encourage women to report sexual harassment and assaults on transport. And therefore it’s important not to necessarily interpret these findings as evidence that assaults have increased or that women are at more risk when using transport than a few years ago.


“Research on the London Underground last year showed that the majority of these offences happen during rush hour – dispelling the myth that this is anything to do with a late night drinking culture.


“We want police and transport provider attention to sexual harassment and assaults to continue. In the longer term we hope it will lead to the men who do this discovering that they are much less likely to get away with it.


“Alongside this we need to see much more resources going into services which support women who’ve experienced sexual violence and harassment, services which are facing severe funding crises.”

WATCH EVAW and Imkaan’s short film with young Black women talking about abuse and harassment in the streets.

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