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Date Published
December 20, 2017

Last year the amazing women of our social media feeds voted Donald Trump Sexist of the Year. This year many thought he should grab the double.

Also on the list this year: Harvey Weinstein, for many reasons which probably don’t need to be explained. He has been joined by Paul Dacre for too many misogynistic Daily Mail headlines and Jacob Rees Mogg (‘nuff said).

2017 has given us so many pantomime villains, misogynistic bullies and everyday sexists that this year we’re awarding Sexist of the Year to…drum roll please

ALL of the harassers

All of you who thought it’s ok to sexually bully or intimidate a woman because you knew you’d get away with it. Everyone who thought they were entitled to grab, touch or lunge, and are now outraged that their behaviour is being called out. All of the powerful who have circled the wagons to protect the abusers (Matt Damon, we’re looking at you here, and you Ian McKellen) and the institutions which have turned a blind eye, closed ranks, paid off and shut down complaints.

You are the sexists of 2017, and all the years before.

We’re looking forward to 2018 when we will be standing beside those who were silenced or ignored in the past but will be silent no longer. We’re shouting #MeToo at the top of our lungs and we will not be ignored.

Date Published
December 20, 2017
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