John Worboys, believed by police to have committed more than 100 rapes, released.

Women's groups extremely concerned about the parole board's decision and ask when the police will pursue his crimes in full.

Exterior New Scotland Yard

The decision to release John Worboys beggars belief.

It is likely to be the product of a justice system and a society that cannot and perhaps will not deal with rape. Even though the police – who failed horrifically in bringing him to justice – said there are probably more than 100 women victims of John Worboys, he is to be released. No wonder his victims feel shocked and let down.

We need to hear urgently from the police as to what progress they have made into investigation towards prosecution of further rapes committed by John Worboys, and we would like more detailed information from parole board decision makers about how they assessed risk to women’s safety.

Throughout the recent revelations about the prevalence of sexual violence, politicians and other commentators blithely continue to preach at women that we should report rape whenever it happens, as if that’s our duty. This is a stark reminder of what women actually see in relation to justice for rape. There is still a mountain to climb before women can have confidence that justice will be done.”

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