Women's groups welcome Universities Taskforce recognition that new response to sexual violence needed

EVAW is really pleased to learn that Universities UK and its Taskforce on violence against women students believe that university responses to rape and other assaults must change and a hands off approach is out of date and wrong

The End Violence Against Women Coalition today [17/03/2016] welcomed the recognition by Universities UK and its Taskforce on violence and harassment in universities that changes in the law mean that it is time to review and change the way universities are advised to respond to reports of sexual assault, harassment and other abuse.


EVAW also welcomes the openness of the reporting on the work of the Taskforce, and the fact that it is considering specific new recommendations on ensuring assaults are monitored, that staff are trained and that there is proactive work to prevent abuse and harassment before it takes place.


Sarah Green, Acting Director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, said:


“We warmly welcome the recognition by Universities UK today that changes in equality and human rights law mean it is time for universities to change the way they respond to allegations of rape and other abuse and harassment.


“We also commend Universities UK for the open and transparent way in which they are reporting on the ongoing Taskforce’s progress, including its consideration of improving monitoring, staff training, support and work to prevent sexual violence and other abuse before it happens. We look forward to the Taskforce’s final recommendations in the Autumn.”


The full statement from Universities UK can be read here.

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