Worboys Parole Case: Women's groups relieved and call for change

There has to be action on Parole Board decisions and broader rape justice

Responding to the judgement in the John Worboys ‘black cab rapist’ Parole Board judicial review today (28 March), Rachel Krys, Co-Director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition said:


“We are relieved at the judgement today and we pay a massive tribute to the brave women who have fought to bring this case despite being massively failed by the justice system at every stage.


“The women in this case should have been listened to from the outset –when they reported to police, when decisions were taken regarding prosecution and when parole was considered. Instead two women have had to crowd fund to get us here today.


“From here, we need an urgent review of the Parole Board’s decision-making processes regarding sex offenders. The fact is that risk assessment of sex offenders is unreliable, it is based on a poor evidence base and it is not acceptable for these determinations to be made without regard to this.


“On a much a broader level, it is time for a review of justice in rape cases from start to finish. We had the Supreme Court judgement in February when the same women showed the police have a duty to investigate rape properly, and today this result, after fifteen years of cobbling together legal fees to get here.


“We are in the midst of huge social debate about rape and harassment with the #MeToo revelations and thousands of women speaking out – but a justice system which is in an arguable crisis over disclosure rules, protections for victims in rape cases and ensuring adequate investigation. The Government should respond urgently.”

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