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Together, we are unstoppable Three women taking selfies Human rights are central to the fight to end violence against women
Three women at a protest holding signs calling for an end to online abuse and violence against women Women and girls have the right to be free from online abuse Women protesting end violence against women
47% of women trust police less after Sarah Everard's murder Stop the rights raid - week of action We object to the weaponisation of violence against women and girls as a justification for the #PolicingBill, which will curtail our collective freedoms and deepen inequality, and the #BordersBill which will criminalise those crossing borders to seek safety
True justice means no more victims of male violence Today, the police inspectorate called for radical change to how the police respond to violence against women and girls. We welcome the report - it's clear the system is not working for victims and survivors and needs a complete overhaul. However, we're concerned the report failed to examine how policing is experienced by women with intersecting inequalities. Online abuse against women and girls: why the government must act now
We believe women when they speak up about racism and stand in solidarity with them. Read our joint briefing with Imkaan, Southall Black Sisters, Latin American Women’s Rights Service, Rights of Women and Working Chance on why we oppose the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. Check our response to Ofsted review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges


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With your support, we lobby and campaign for strategic approaches to ending violence against women and challenge the wider public attitudes that tolerate and condone violence against women.

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