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Here you’ll find the latest links from our Instagram account @evawuk.

We've all seen the media blame victims and normalise men's violence against women
General election 2024: 70+ women's organisations' manifesto
Campaign win! Law change to better protect rape survivors’ therapy notes from being trawled through by police
Yolande Trueman from Eastenders sitting in the laundrette
Photo of the EVAW team with 'join our team' written at the top
A different world is possible
We won't accept any more failings, excuses or missed opportunities to stop police officers abusing women and girls
Placards with statistics on
Nearly 1 in 4 therapists have had their clients' counselling notes requested by the police
The Write to End Violence Against Women Awards. Excellence in journalism: our winners for 2023
Violence against women and girls is not inevitable
Campaign win: online safety bill becomes law with landmark guidance to protect women and girls! Image of three women protesting for an end to online abuse
Women and girls should be able to say no, free from the fear of violence
Infographic: A whole-society approach to ending violence against women and girls
The effect of poor reporting on violence against women and girls
Gender-based violence in football: While individuals should be held to account for violence against women, this issue is not just about individual players but the industry and institutions that enable them with cultures of silence and impunity.
We need better reporting on violence against women and girls now!
Fixed headlines
A still of a schoolgirl in a TikTok video with text that says 'It's #AboutTime things changed'
Fixed Daily Mail headline that now reads: Wife shot dead in murder-suicide
Either all of us have human rights, or none of us do. We're one of 290 organisations condemning the #RefugeeBanBill - now the Illegal Migration Act. This cruel law is designed punish and divide us. We won't let it. Our solidarity and resistance is more important than ever.
1 in 3 police requests for rape survivors' personal records are carried out to investigate victim 'credibility'. This includes requests for private therapy notes
How the media reports on violence against women matters
Illustration of three women taking selfies, and the words "Campaign win! Online Safety Bill to address harms faced by women and girls"
Laura Bates on the effect of poor reporting on violence against women and girls
Illustration of women at a protest with placards that say: Act up for our Human Rights Act! Together we are powerful! Now is the time! Join us! #SaveYourRights
While we cautiously welcome this as a positive step for survivors who choose to seek justice through the criminal justice system, new criminal offences alone won’t go anywhere near far enough to tackle violence against women and girls online
Women at a protest holding placards that read: 'it's a dress, not a yes' and 'stop blaming the victim'
60% of girls have heard teachers use sexist language
A placard that says: abortion is healthcare! It should not be a crime
Schools are the best place to build radically different futures and prevent violence against women and girls
Three women protesting against online abuse of women and girls
We all deserve to live safe from harm and to be treated with compassion, dignity and respect. We stand united with a broad coalition of groups resisting the government's shockingly cruel and inhumane refugee ban bill
A group of young people in school looking at their mobile phones
We reject attempts to co-opt our movement and weaponise survivors' experiences for racist agenda
A group of young people holding signs calling on government, men and boys to make a change
Quality Relationships & Sex Education is essential to preventing violence against women and girls!
Casey review finds institutional misogyny, racism and homophobia in the police
91% of complaints about police officers and staff relating to violence against women and girls result in no further action
We've all seen the media blame victims and normalise men's violence against women
A Black schoolgirl in a classroom sat in front of a white schoolboy
A photo of EVAW and Glitch activists with demanding the government ends online abuse
A mother holding her child, feeling above the radiator for warmth
A girl walking into school
Three schoolgirls smiling and hugging
Campaigners with placards outside Downing Street. Over 94,000 people demand: End online abuse!
No more police perpetrators. No more platitudes. No more empty promises. We demand justice and radical change.
We're taking the petition to parliament! Time's running out: join 62,000 people demanding action to end online abuse!
Louder, together. In 2022, here's how we moved closer to our vision of a different world
Human Rights Day message to government: We are survivors, campaigners, frontline support services, lawyers and experts in violence against women and girls. And we're united behind our Human Rights Act.
Our message to government: We will not sit quietly while our rights to safety, justice and accountability are undermined. Save our Human Rights Act!
Illustration of a woman holding a megaphone and saying 'the human rights act holds those in power to account'
Explained: how the Human Rights Act protects women and girls from violence, and why we must all resist the government's Rights Removal Bill
Three women holding a banner that says 'Women's rights are human rights'
Qatar World Cup: We call on football to stand against gender-based violence, exploitation of migrant workers, homophobia, Islamophobia and racism!
Women should not be forced to choose between an abusive situation or destitution. The government must act now to support women in the cost of living crisis!
Horrifying reports that pregnant women and survivors of violence against women are among those being detained at Manston. End the detention of those seeking safety NOW!
Police inspectorate finds it's too easy for the wrong people to join the police
Tell Rishi Sunak to protect women and girls' safety online now
1 in 6 girls are victims of child sexual abuse
EVAW, Rape Crisis and the Centre for Women's Justice in Parliament
We resist the Public Order Bill!
How the media reports on violence against women and girls has real life consequences
Breaking: The Government has reportedly shelved the #RightsRemovalBill - for now. But there's a very real danger it will progress & have a disastrous impact on survivors. The fight is not over. The VAWG sector is united in support of our #HumanRightsAct!
Tweet from Hope not hate: BREAKING: Following Hope not hate's submission of evidence, violent misogynist Andrew Tate has now been banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Campaign win! All Premier League players will now have mandatory training on sexual consent!
Women & Girls Network call out for young change makers to join a campaign against sexual harassment in schools
The media plays a huge role in shaping our awareness, attitudes and opinions.
placard that reads 'boys will be held accountable'
#LoveIsland is a cultural phenomenon, reaching millions of young people across the country. We join @WomensAid @RefugeCharity and viewers in calling out the unchecked misogynistic and abusive behaviour we see year after year (1/3)
Tim Westwood accused of 'sex' with teenage girl
84% of adults are concerned about racism, misogyny and homophobia online
Woman on her laptop on a sofa
Unchecked power and inequality will always enable and mask abusers
Just 9% of reports of domestic abuse perpetrated by police officers result in criminal charges
Just days after the government introduced its #RightsRemovalBill, trying to strip us of our ability to challenge police failings... the Met is placed in special measures for critical shortcomings around violence against women, abuse perpetrated by officers, racism and misogyny
Photo of the Three Hijabis, Level Up and EVAW campaigners and logos
The government is ripping up our human rights laws
Placard that says 'we resist the anti-refugee laws'
One year on from the government's #RapeReview, what does their progress report tell us? The reality is little has changed for survivors. Despite commitments to improve a system that treats survivors poorly and fails to deliver justice, here's what we’ve seen in the last year
The Write to End Violence Against Women Awards
Last year, Ofsted published a review into sexual abuse in schools, finding 9 in 10 girls experience abuse. But schools were failing girls in their care, who learn sexual violence is "not important" and rarely challenged. Since then, what's changed?
Join our team - Senior Policy Officer
Three placards that read: counselling is not a courtroom, therapy notes do not belong on trial, keep counselling confidential
No perpetrator should be able to use their power and status to abuse women and girls with impunity
Three women taking selfies
Human rights are central to the fight to end violence against women
We can't rebuild trust and confidence in our justice agencies without transparency and accountability!
A placard that reads 'injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'
Placard that reads 'We resist the raid on our rights'
Placards that read 'violence against women and girls is not inevitable' and 'a different world is possible!'
Woman holding a placard that reads 'stop blaming the victim'
Three women protesting against online abuse of women
Woman on her laptop on a sofa
Three women taking selfies
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